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Sistematik offers a wide range of cyber security services.

We partner with our clients from start to finish, identifying their needs, discovering their vulnerabilities, securely demonstrating realistic attack scenarios, and recommending applicable and cost-effective solutions.

The rıght approach


Securely managing an infrastructure can be a daunting task. New attack methods are discovered frequently, new vulnerabilities are found in software every day and every system on the Internet is constantly being scanned by malicious actors. 

Ensuring security at hostile environment is difficult. As such, hiring a team with the right skills and expertise is usually expensive. But it doesn’t have to be, with the right approach.

Our approach to security testing allows us to work work cost-effectively, while putting forward high-quality results. 

Our diversified team lets us keep the costs in check, while our testing methodology and workflow system govern the testing process end-to-end, and our senior team leaders make sure that every relevant check is performed fully, that the results are documented, and the project is traceable at every point.

Managing a balance between cost and quality helps us offer competitive prices with providing reliable results. This way, you can keep your costs in check and still have high quality security tests. Sounds like the right approach, right?

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expertise on financial apps

Sistematik offers a unique blend of expertise on technical security and banking know-how. Different from most security companies, we are also experts in banking products, services, delivery channels and regulations. More important than all, we know how fraudsters think and operate, internal or external.

From core banking systems to internet & mobile banking applications, credit application systems to outsourced services, we can advise you on the best approaches to assuring the security of your systems and information assets.

Going beyond the traditional banking, we also provide cybersecurity services for cryptocurrencies, exchanges, wallets and digital currency platforms 

above and beyond security testing

Penetration test reports often produce a long list of vulnerabilities for large networks. IT teams go through each reported finding, trying to mitigate every issue. But even if all issues are fixed this time, similar ones will pop-up in the next security scan of the exact same systems. This sounds odd, don’t you think?

Security tests tell you your vulnerabilities, but do they ever tell why those vulnerabilities are there in the first place? Does a penetration test tell how to address vulnerabilities once and for all? Or is it the job of an IT auditor, with IT governance expertise?

Truth be told, there’s a huge gap between the expertise area of the penetration tester and the IT governance expert. The former is too focused on the technical side, the latter is too high level.

Sistematik is a jack of both trades. Especially on large IT infrastructures, our tests will not only pinpoint the technical vulnerabilities, but also provide spot-on guidance on the best practices and how to improve the IT processes, so that problems are fixed once and for all.