prıce quote

network penetration tests

In order to provide a price quote, we need the following pieces of information:

  • IP ranges
  • Scanning frequency
  • Whether or not you want additional activities to be performed, such as reconnaissance, exploitation, post-exploitation
  • Reporting types
  • Whether or not there are fragile devices
  • Whether or not internal network segments will be in the scope

We will then perform a simple discovery scan for the internet-accessible network segments and collect basic information about the systems and services in the designated range. 

Once the information is collected, we will use it to create a price quote for your network.

We will then email you the formal price quote.

To proceed with getting a free price quote for your mobile applications, choose either one of the below options.

"Reconnaissance" is an information gathering step, mostly done passively, using search engines

"Exploitation and post-exploitation" are the safe demonstration of a real-world attack, performed in coordination with the client's security teams.

"Fragile devices" are network connected devices that are known to negatively react to any security scans. These are typically very old network devices and exotic systems like voice recording systems.